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Approach and Methodology - Overview:
The SpireStock's essence is to take advantage of today’s individual investor’s real-time information access and technology, by applying's Alchemy Intangible Transformation Process (AITP™).
Moreover, SpireStocks utilizes ProVitaAdvisors, to ensure, that corporations do not contribute to activities/organizations, that are contrary to the sanctity of life.
By understanding "market" history, one can apply prudent investment principles via the SpireStocks comprehensive approach and methodology and build an equity portfolio that outperforms the major market indices
SpireStocks is not intended to be a get rich quick scheme nor be speculative in nature. The approach and methodology is designed to be utilized by the engaged professional; wherein, an electronic e-mail and message will be displayed IF there are any new suggested pending transactions.  These suggested pending transactions are displayed/updated at night and intended to be viewed on your virtual account and then executed via an on-line brokerage firm in the morning, just after the "market" opens, once again, only if they are any new suggested transactions, which do not occur every day/night.
However, since the stock order of merits are updated once in a 24 hour period, the positions screen provides volume and stock changes during the day, at each browser refresh, and the subscriber can add a transaction at any point of the day. Hence, the day trader can utilize for their benefit/purposes as well.
To discover more about SpireStock's performance, Subscribe now or take advantage of the 7 day free trial and then the introductory offer resulting in a 45% reduction in the annual subscription fee.
SpireStocks is an approach and methodology for the already engaged professional, and suggests direct stock investing via pending transactions; wherein, the subscriber is expected to accept/edit or delete the SpireStock suggested transactions in order to ensure that the virtual SpireStock portfolio mirrors the activity of the on-line brokerage firm.
SpireStocks provides an unprecedented objective, systematic means to suggest the number of shares to buy and sell for each stock, based on daily updates via each stock's single order of merit. Subscribe now and gain access to the automated functionality to track your spirestocks equity portfolio, that has already demonstrated phenomenal results. Comparing the major market indices results to SpireStock's performance validates this claim.
Due to this approach and methodology, SpireStocks is not designed for the individual investor who wants to invest a few hundred dollars a month. The SpireStock approach and methodology is intended for the investor, who wants to invest for the long  term and realizes that 70-90% of their portfolio should be in equities. Therefore, as depicted on the home page, the simulations were conducted with a $30K equity portfolio. The lower the amount of money to invest, the less apt the investor will have suggested transactions in all of the active SpireStocks.
Unprecedented in approach and methodology, SpireStocks utilizes the AITP™, a process invented by the SpireStocks ceo/founder, which selects stocks in an objective, systematic, measurable means, with tremendous reliability; therefore, eliminating subjective inference/speculation. Subscribe now during this limited time/ introductory offer and reduce your annual subscription cost by 45%!
Thus, all that is required from the individual investor is a SINGLE input, i.e. how much money the investor wants to invest in stocks.
Due to SpireStock' equity approach and methodology, is not geared toward the investor who intends to invest a few hundred dollars each month in a mutual fund.
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