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"Successful Investing" Book Reference
On page 27 of the fourth edition of the book, "Successful Investing", written by the staff of Babson-United Investment Advisors, Inc., under the title, "Why You Can't Ignore Stocks", the book states, "for the investment in common stocks is about the only way most savers can hope to offset inflation."
On the following page it continues under the title, "Stock Values Go Up and Up", "Another thing folks tend to overlook is that the intrinsic values behind good stocks go up along with dividends.  As the economy of this country grows, so do the sales of earnings of our leading corporations."
Similar to this premise, SpireStocks is the result of identifying the demonstrated; yet, still potential stocks, by utilizing a process called AITP™, that was created by the Founder.  By combining fundamental business and investment principles, SpireStocks has proven to have the propensity, year in and year out, to surpass all the major market indices with phenomenal results, knowing that, for all investment activities, past performance does not guarantee future results. 
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Thus far, we have not come across another investment approach and methodology that guides you in determining how much of each stock to buy based on a single input; i.e. how mucy money you want to invest directly in stocks and based on market data/evaluation factor analysis, made possible by implementing AITP.
In addition, SpireStocks suggests when to either buy or sell more shares of a stock to ensure that the individual investor is postured to continue to achieve the phenomenal results as depicted in the comparison of SpireStocks performance to the major market indices.
SpireStocks defines investing success as a portfolio that outperforms the major market indices with the initial intent of striving for a minimal annualized return of 19% (money doubles every four years), with a goal of a 26% annualized return (money doubles every three years), which far surpasses the historical 10-11% (money doubles just about every 7 years) that the "market" has obtained; although, in the last three years, the market has only yielded a mere 7% annualized geometric mean return. believes that investing success not only includes outperforming the major market indices, but also precluding a dilemma, that would create a conflict of interest; wherein, the individual investor, outside of their control or knowledge, invests in equities that are contrary to their beliefs.
The following performance charts reveal that SpireStocks has not only outperformed the major market indices (DJIA, NASDAQ Composite, S&P 500 composite), but has performed at a spectacular annualized return of: 34%, within the last three year period starting from Jan 15, 2003 until Jan 15, 2006, compared to the annualized geometric mean return of only 7% of the major market indices, during the same time period.
Frictionalized mutual fund costs (up to 5.7%) have prevented most mutual funds from surpassing the performance of the major market indices, during subsequent time periods, particularly, there hasn't been ONE mutual fund, that has outperformed the market in any 20 year time period.
Direct stock investing, as depicted in many references, such as the book just mentioned, provides the rational for why investing directly in stocks for the long term (at least 7 years to reduce risk/fluctuations) surpasses other investment instruments.
And as already depicted, the SpireStocks market performance, compared to major market indices, is far superior, knowing that past performance is no guarantee of future results.  Reveiwing this link will also guide you to understand more fully the explicit description on how the returns/comparisons are calculated. 
Unlike most claims and financial web-sites, SpireStocks explains in detail how we derive our performance numbers and wants each and every individual investor to validate independently these claims, by utilizing the dates we present and the associated, equivalent indice numbers.  
By taking advantage of information access & technology, applying AITP™ to investing, while integrating prudent investment principles, one can establish a stock portfolio, that consistently outperforms any mutual fund or major market indice. This claim is not unsubstantiated. SpireStocks has taken the performance of the major market indices and compared that performance to the SpireStocks portfolio.
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