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Investing Stock
Automated and systematic buy and sell triggers, that buys more of the stocks when the price dips lower and sells the stock when it is higher. Alerts are sent via e-mail and depicted on the web-site on the users MySpireStocks section.  This is possible since a reserve is established when an individual investor establishes a SpireStock virtual equity portfolio in order to ensure that the investor is always readied/postured to take advantage of buy and/or sell opportunities.  If numerous buy triggers occur before any of the stocks reach an authentic sell trigger, then the reserve could become depleted.  In this case, each stock is evaluated to determine which stock should be sold (never at a loss) to take advantage of a buy opportunity for another stock.  Thus, there are two kinds of sells:  a stock sell to take advantage of another buy opportunity and a genuine sell based on a sell trigger, regardless of the reserve status.
In addition, tracks the portfolio and provides systematic triggers on when to buy more or sell a stock and alerts the investor through automated/electronic means. See SpireStocks performance vs major market indices
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