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Investing Research monitors each stock and the associated day performance and updates the stock single order of merits nightly, and, in essence, implements a daily dollar cost averaging approach vs. the traditional dollar cost averaging methodology, which seeks to invest the same amount of money on a particular and consistent/set day of the month.
After the new order of merits are prepared for the next day's subscriber, the potential for buy and sell triggers are then conducted.  If a particular virtual portfolio encounters either a buy or sell trigger an automated e-mail is generated and sent directly to the subscriber's account for action just after the market opens in the morning.
Typically, if there is a suggested pending transaction, the time it takes to execute the trade(s) on the on-line brokerage account and in turn have the SpireStock virtual portfolio match the on-line brokerage account is about three minutes; thus, the reason for the depiction of the clock on the homepage indicating 9:33, representing the total daily elapsed time, on average, to manage your equity investment portfolio, truly stunning!
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