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Investing Stocks
A SpireStock's Journey

A SpireStock journey begins with the application of AITP™, as always, toward a desired objective, tangible, measurable, and reliable outcome.
In this case, the desired outcome is to invest in a long term investment instrument, that has demonstrated the continual perpensity to outperform the major market indices, year in and year out, and, in turn, any mutual fund or other investment instrument.
Moreover, investment historical data is analyzed to discover that, for the long term (defined as at least seven years, because one's money doubles every seven years at 10.4% annualized return, which is about the historical performance of "the market"), the best investment instrument is direct stock investing.
From here, the path deviates from the unbounded choice of the 15K+ equities, by alleviating the crisis/moral dilemma, presented the investor, who typically has no idea which stocks are utilizing the investor's money for activities/efforts that are morally wrong, such as those activities that are contrary to the sanctity of life.
As the investor continues to embark on the SpireStock investment journey, after rectifying a potential conflict of interest with the investor's beliefs, with eyes still on the desired outcome of investing for the long term in morally responsible stocks, the investor is still faced with the monumental task of deciding how to derive a manageable amount of stocks, that can pass numerous filters/screens; thus, resulting in proven, demonstrated performance, that surpasses the major market indices and other investment instruments, as defined in the initial desired outcome/goal.
Therefore, SpireStock's essence and unprecedented capability to provide an objective, systematic, measurable, reliable, and tangible means to not only choose stocks based on a single input from the investor (how much money to invest), but automatically determine the number of shares, to include when to buy more and sell those shares, is feasible because of the AITP™ process invented by the SpireStock's founder.
At this juncture, AITP™, conducts a fundamental analysis that correlates company senior leadership to actual performance data, and, in addition, reviews this actual data to create mathematical algorithms that correlates and normalizes company data, across the other stocks, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the company factors that, directly and tangibly, correlate to performance success, such as company job growth and debt/equity ratios, as examples.
In addition, the SpireStock model then adds technical analysis to the fundamental analysis, to determine, which stocks are postured to continue their stellar performance and/or are readied to rise to a new level of performance
As the journey continues, actual annualized performance is analyzed for each stock to determine thresholds that each stock has to pass in order to be "retrieved" from the database and considered an active SpireStock.
At this point, the journey has been longer than most, and it is at this point, that AITP™ comes to life, by analyzing all that has happened and deriving a single number (single order of merit) for each active SpireStock to determine the allocation of the amount of money desired to be invested directly into equities. SpireStocks recommends that the individual investor who wants to invest for the long term (at least 7 years) should have 70%-90% of their investment portfolio allocated toward equities via direct stock investments.
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