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Stock Investing
As the speed of information access/flow continues to increase, due to the connectivity proliferation to the internet and the development of signal processing algorithms, data compression, and cryptography techniques, now, more than ever, the individual investor is postured to reap the rewards.
By establishing and utilizing an on-line brokerage account, in conjunction with subscribing to, one can avoid the associated costs of external mutual fund management, while having the potential to far surpass those exhibited in the mutual fund industry. Please refer to the approach and methodology for further understanding.
Hence, since the individual investor has real-time access to data, there exists a tremendous opportunity to gain control of one’s own investment destiny, since ultimately the individual investor is responsible for their own financial future.
Furthermore, by taking advantage of today’s technological real-time information access, one can implement the SpireStock’s founder’s AITP™, to invest directly in stocks; therefore, realizing an outstanding long-term cumulative investment, as demonstrated by the comparison of SpireStock’s performance to the major market indices.  Subscribe now to obtain the actual SpireStocks and to gain a deeper understanding of SpireStock's approach and methodology.
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