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E-Mail: - Owners Disclaimer is NOT registered as an investment firm, nor does it sell securities or give personalized advice.

SpireStocks is possible because of the implementation of a process resulting in a systematic and objective means to choose equities, with no human in the loop, once the model is implemented, which is also why SpireStocks is unprecedented in investment history, because it only requires a single input from the investor, i.e. how much they want to invest in equities.

From that moment on the model determines when to buy, sell and re-allocate the portfolio; although, ultimately every investor is responsible for determining when to act on the suggested transaction and to reflect that action through the edit functionality of

In reality, provides a virtual portfolio for the investor who will then make the decision to act independently on the suggested transactions via an registered on-line brokerage account, which will actually contain the actual monies.

The SpireStock demonstrated performance can be reviewed here tries very hard to ensure that the SpireStock's suggested do not directly or indirectly contribute to activities, that are contrary to the sanctity of life. However, due to the dynamics of corporate activities, SpireStock' can not guarantee, that all of the companies meet the morally responsible investing criteria intended for in real-time.

The SpireStock morally responsible investment screening process will most likely lag actuality, due to the nature and oversight of organizational activity. Some SpireStock Companies may have discontinued giving to activities, that are contrary to the sanctity of life and some Stock's may have just initiated activities.

If you have any reason/evidence that suggested SpireStock equities engage in activities contrary to the sanctity of life, please send an email to and we will review the stock under question via ProVitaAdvisors.

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