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Will MySpireStocks virtual porfolio ever contain any actual money?
  • No, SpireStocks is called a virtual portfolio, because it will never contain any money. A potential individual investor can initiate a 7 day free day without setting up an on-line brokerage, but eventually an on-line brokerage account needs to be set-up to execute the suggested transactions decided on by the individual investor themselves.  Remember, does not give personalized advice and is not set up as a brokerage firm, but provides a means for the individual investor to manage and control their own equity portfolio account in conjunction with one's actual on-line brokerage firm.
Will My portfolio exactly match my on-line brokerage account portfolio?
  • Yes, as long as the investor edits the SpireStock suggested transactions to reflect what the indvidual investor executed via their on-line brokerage account. Therefore, as long as the investor edits the suggested transaction to reflect what they did with their on-line brokerage account, the percent gain overall and by individual stock, holdings, and reserve/cash will match their on-line account, which is the intent of the approach and methodology, i.e. is intended to be used in colloboration with an actual on-line brokerage account.  The only exception is when a stock dividend ex date occurs; since at that moment the virtual reserve is credited with the dividend and does not wait until the actual date awarded.
How does SpireStock's handle dividends?
  • SpireStocks does detect dividends and "re-invests"/adds the dividends to the reserve to be used to purchase stocks, which is reflected in the's transaction view, to include adjusting the basis of the stock to calculate the correct percent gain by stock.  However, PLEASE NOTE that credits the reserve on the ex dividend date, i.e. we do not wait until the award date and in this case, the reserve and total return will temporarily not match the actual on-line brokerage account, until the brokerage account actually awards the dividend.
Is intended to be utilized by the individual investor who desires to invest hundreds of dollars a month (dollar cost averaging on a pre-determined date of the month?)
  • No, due to SpireStocks' essence, approach, and methodology, the individual investor should invest an amount of money conducive to buying a "reasonable" amount, while maintaining a reserve to take advantage/buy more stocks, when stock prices dip temporarily. Otherwise, the reserve will tend to be too small and the time frame for re-allocation will be considerably longer. The minimum one can start a virtual portfolio is $50,000; however, the performance analysis is based on backtesting an initial investment of $125K, to ensure all of the active stocks were included in the initial portfolio, to obtain the performance results depicted on the performance page. However, one could invest a lot less and can always add more at any time after the initial investment.
Should I already have an on-line brokerage account before subscribing to
  • No, this is not a requirement especially during the 7 day free trial.  However, since only suggests stock transactions, you can go ahead and subscribe and create a virtual; yet, realistic equity portfolio, and decide to implement SpireStock' suggestions, after you have had an adequate amount of time to decide on the on-line brokerage best suited for you.  Hence, this is why the 7 day free trial was established to allow the individual investor to become familiar with and witness the power and potential of managing and controlling your own portfolio for just a few minutes a week.
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