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Financial Planning With Extreme Performance
For the first time in investment history, SpireStocks provides the capable; yet, already engaged professional, the turn key means to manage an equity portfolio with astounding results.
Any prudent person, who realizes, that ultimately they are directly responsible for their investments, and, who yearns to have the potential to achieve stellar performance, is most apt to benefit from SpireStocks.
By being conscious of prudent investment principles, market history & performance, in addition to utilizing AITP™, the individual, with just one input (how much they want to invest), can now have the capability to control and track their own stock porfolio, to include, automated suggested triggers on when to buy more and sell stocks for a gain that historically has surpassed any of the major market indices.
In addition, SpireStocks enables the individual investor to have direct insight and control over systematic stock transactions, which allows the individual to invest in activities, that are not contrary to their beliefs, without required research from the investor. See morally responsible investing.
Due to SpireStock' equity approach and methodology, is not geared toward the investor who intends to invest a few hundred dollars each month in a mutual fund.  The minimum to invest in a virtual SpireStock equity portfolio is $5K.
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