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Who can Benefit From Extreme Investing
The person, most apt to benefit from is the already engaged professional, who wants to invest for the long term, and, has the capability to manage their own equity portfolio, but does not have enough time to become an "expert" in order to accomplish all of the research, and, then develop a systematic plan for deriving the approach, methodology and formulation for choosing stocks (from 15000+ equities).
Although on the surface this can be overwhelming, perhaps daunting to an individual investor, the SpireStock's intent is to provide a turn key approach, that doesn't involve an inordinate amount of time from the investor; thus, allows the investor to seek a balanced life; yet, still be able to manage and control their own investment strategy.
Moreover, due to SpireStock's approach and methodology, the web-site is not geared toward the investor that wants to invest a few hundred dollars a month toward an IRA. SpireStocks is ideal for the capable professional who is already engaged in all aspects of life (family, company, community); thus, does not have the necessary time to delve into the required research and formulation for direct stock investing ;yet, still wants to be able to have an investment strategy that has the potential to outperform the major market indices.
On-line Brokerages firms do have adequate tools for analyzing data, but the presumption is that the individual investor is already postured with stock symbol knowledge. With the SpireStocks founder's process and model, the engaged professional is just a single click away from managing their own equity portfolio, while still maintaining control.  This is accomplished by exercising the SpireStock suggested transactions via their choice of an on-line brokerage firm.
Hence, SpireStocks will be particularly favorable to those that have already realized that there is a tremendous investing paradigm shift currently underway, that empowers the individual investor to manage one's own equity investments, due to information access and technology, and, now, the implementation of a process, called AITP™,created by the SpireStock's founder.
SpireStocks enables the individual investor to save management costs and reap the rewards of managing and controlling their own equity portfolio via direct stocks., avoids a conflict of interest by being open to investing in stocks that are not objectionable to one's beliefs.  See morally responsible investing
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