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SpireStock's active list, that is originally produced on the date you subscribe. This list, in and of itself, is worth the annual subscription fee, since SpireStock's performance has the potential to far surpasse the major market indices. Click on SpireStocks performance versus the major market indices. uses an objective, tangible, measurable, systematic and automated model, that utilizes an unprecendented, first of its kind in investment history, approach and methodology that chooses, at any given time, the SpireStocks that have passed rigorous screens. Each stock has a single order of merit, that is established after implementing the process, called AITP™ created by the founder. Moreover, this reduces the 15000+ equties to a manageable amount without any speculative input or stock research required.
Only input required is the amount the investor desires to invest in equities.
Provides succinct and adequate overview of the on-line brokerage firms features in order to have ample information on those brokerages that will enable the individual investor to act on the SpireStocks suggested transactions.
Thus, all that is required from the individual investor is a SINGLE input, i.e. how much money the investor wants to invest in stocks (SpireStocks recommends 70-90% of the investor's portfolio should be invested in equities, as long as there is at least 7 years remaining before the money needs to be available).
To discover SpireStock's success, click on this SpireStock’s performance link and  Subscribe now to obtain not only the actual SpireStock names, but the suggested number of shares to buy for each stock and the associated functionality to track your Myspirestocks virtual equity portfolio.
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