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Extreme Performance Investing
One of the tremendous features of is that it provides a strategic, seamless, integrated approach and methodology to direct equity investing; thus, does not leave the individual investor hanging after they have initially set-up their equity portfolio.
By utilizing AITP, a process invented by the founder, an approach and methodology has been established, that allows the individual investor to manage and control their own morally responsible investment portfolio with just a SINGLE input, that is, how much the investor wants to invest in equities.
Furthermore, the stock model, in conjunction with AITP provides automated suggestions for buy and sell opportunities; thus, enabling the individual the feasibility of buying low and selling high.
In addition, because of this approach, daily dollar cost averaging is accomplished, when selecting stocks, not just during a pre-determined day of the month, like in most dollar cost averaging approaches.
By utilizing the AITP, the SpireStock order of merits determine how many shares to buy, based upon the amount of money you have to invest, SpireStock's approach and methodology literally tells you how many shares of each stock to buy and then establishes buy and/or sell triggers and notifies the individual investor via automated e-mail messages and suggested pending transactions on the investor's individual virtual SpireStocks equity portfolio overview view.
These automated, systematic suggested transactions provides a means for the individual investor to manage and control their own equity portfolio in a complete, seamless and strategic way for just a few minutes each day, if a suggested transaction occurred; otherwise, the no action is required by the individual investor with confidence that the SpireStocks equity portfolio in conjunction with an on-line brokerage firm has the feasibility and the propensity to outperform the major market indices.
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